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How often have you wondered how and why the common seagull became the official mascot of Everett High School? Many other schools have fiercer, nobler creatures for mascots. Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my! If you secretly suffered from mascot-envy in high school, this is a must-read.



Sammy Seagull - picture from EHS Class of 1966Sammy the Seagull, Everett High School's mascot, has a long and colorful history. In spite of his often feisty demeanor, his selection had little to do with the ferocity, cunning or athletic prowess of seagulls. If that had been the objective, there are certainly more imposing figures for a high school mascot. Rather, the seagull became viewed as a benevolent, soaring free spirit, whose presence aloft brought luck to Everett High's spirited athletic teams.


Coach Enoch "Baggy" Bagshaw - 1912 Nesika PhotoDuring and after World War I, after already serving in the war in Europe, a young Welsh immigrant and football coach named Enoch "Baggy" Bagshaw (namesake of Everett's Bagshaw Field), began producing national-class teams at EHS. (At right, a 1912 Nesika photo of Coach Bagshaw, former UW starting quarterback.) To the city's delight its crown jewel, Everett High School, quickly gained prominence under Baggy's leadership, as a sports powerhouse. The 1919 team tied for the esteemed national high school football championship.


The following year, the 1920 team won that title outright. It was during that joyous 1920 season when fans began hailing the seagulls floating over the playing field as emblems of victory. On January 1, 1921, in a game billed as the national high school championship, Everett's football team beat Cleveland Tech, 16-7.


When a gray seagull glided in a figure-eight pattern over the field, the crowd cheered. That good-luck flight helped lead the school to change its nickname. Meanwhile, Baggy Bagshaw moved on to coach the University of Washington Huskies, confirming his standing as one of the country's greatest coaches of his time. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enoch_Bagshaw.)

By the mid-1920s, Everett High School athletic teams formally adopted the Seagull mascot and nickname that still identify the school today. For more on those record-setting early years of EHS football, go to EHS Football History.


EHS Football team in 1914 Everett High School football home game during the 1914 season. This view appeared on page 84 of the EHS annual "Nesika" under the heading "1914 Champions in Action."



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Our sincerest thanks for the following to Third Street Books, Marysville, WA ("The Book Lady," Darilee Bednar, EHS 1965)